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  • Does each printer get an email address?
    No. Each Email2Print engine is assigned an email address to monitor. Email2Print supports multiple printers per engine “email address”. Email2Print uses the subject line when reading the email and routes the job to the correct printer.
  • What are all the components of Email2Print?
    Admin Website (UI for Configuration) Database (MySQL or SQL) Email2Print Engine (Software Install) Email2Print Engine needs to have access to the printers it will enable. The admin website and database can run hosted or local.
  • What is Email2Services?
    Email2Services is a suite of simple but powerful tools and services built into the latest version of Email2Print. Email2Services builds upon the advanced Email2Print® engine to deliver important, legal-specific features, all via email, including: Email2OCR Email2MetaClean Email2PDFImage Email2ImageConvert More information: Email2Services
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