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Email2Print® has been in development since 2012 and was conceived to address real-world, widespread client needs for painless mobile printing, easy to deploy and easy to use. A powerhouse international law firm was an early beta tester, and its enthusiastic adoption of the technology has helped make Email2Print® the most versatile, affordable, and feature-rich solution of its kind. Version 5.1 is our current release.

Mr. Ballar brings his unique blend of big-picture strategy and attention to critical daily operational details to his role as Chief Executive Officer for ConnectUNow.  His 16-year tenure at Paul Hastings LLP, together with his experience as Lead Engineer on projects for clients the likes of Hughes Space and Communication, Fox Studios, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Mattel Toys, Honeywell, and KB Homes, have helped him develop the laser-like focus on customer care that earned him Paul Hastings’ first-ever Client Service Excellence Award, for efforts resulting in “a clear and significant impact on a successful outcome.”  Ballar personally trains each member of the ConnectUNow team, imbuing them with his passion for exceptional service, flawless execution, and the belief that no job is too small if the client asks for it.


Juan Ballar

CEO & Founder

213.236.0847 X.111

Developed and Owned by:

ConnectUNow was formed in 2011 as a solo consultancy, to service the needs of a group of Partners from Big Law who, upon starting their own firm, turned to Juan Ballar for trustworthy technology guidance.  The company’s growth over the years has been organic, as satisfied clients both asked ConnectUNow to provide additional services and referred new clients.  ConnectUNow provides a full complement of technology services, from consultative guidance to custom application development, system monitoring, and managed services.  We are proud to combine an innovative, creative thought process and unparalleled technical knowledge with superior customer service.  To find out how ConnectUNow’s world-class service can support your business with reliable, effective technology solutions you can afford, check out our website at

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